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Pattaya Suicide & Thailand, Torn Between Two Worlds

February 20, 2013
thailand torn between two worlds

As I read about another foreigner “falling” from a Pattaya hotel balcony, I shake my head for the umpteenth time. A recent Thai TV news report put the suicide rate amongst foreigners living in Pattaya at an average of one per week; that’s known suicides, as opposed to the “falls” that happen on a regular basis. Many […]

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Blood, Sweat and Takeaways In Thailand

January 27, 2012

While I have been back in the UK I have been watching a number of documentaries and programs about Thailand. Last night I came across a series aired some time ago called Blood, Sweat & Takeaways. The program takes a handful of British youngsters, all of whom love food, around the world to learn where […]

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Bangkok Girl Documentary By Jordan Clark

June 29, 2011

After searching online I have managed to locate the Bangkok Girl Documentary by Jordan Clark. It makes for compelling viewing, and after reading comments online it seems the documentary caused controversy from all sides of the fence. It was produced in 2005 but still feels very relevant, and could easily have been made in the […]

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Thailand Tourism And The Truth

April 2, 2011

A few folks from the UK emailed me about a documentary they had seen broadcast on the BBC called Thailand: Tourism And The Truth. At first I was like, Oh here we go, another representation of Thailand sensationalising random happenings to depict a distorted view of everyday life. Surprisingly though, this is actually a very good documentary, giving […]

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