The Best Place to Train Wing Chun in Bangkok

If you are thinking of studying Wing Chun in Bangkok, then there’s only one place to train, and that’s the Thailand Wing Chun Club, the first and only officially recognised professional Wing Chun club in Bangkok.

bangkok wing chun

Run by Sifu Panor, a Master of over 17 years experience, the club has recently opened a new studio just 150 meters from Bang Na station.

Sifu Panor is of the Yip Man lineage, and recently finished training in China with a number of famous teachers, renowned for their knowledge, skill and lineage.

The Thailand Wing Chun Club is based around the grass roots of Wing Chun philosophy. The vibe is one of a community, a family atmosphere where students help each other, learn together and create lasting friendships. As the Wing Chun forefathers taught, egos should be left outside the club.

The Thailand Wing Chun Club is as much about mental and spiritual growth as it is about getting fit and learning the ancient, beautiful art.

If you are thinking about training Wing Chun but don’t know much about it, here’s a quick overview for you.

wing chun bangkok

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that utilises a solid stance, fluidity, energy and body structure to deflect or redirect external force, and therefore enables a Wing Chun practitioner to beat a stronger opponent.  They say a Wing Chun stance is “like a piece of bamboo, firm but flexible, rooted but yielding”.

Wing Chun isn’t about competing or being aggressive – although in time it becomes a great self-protection tool – it is about self-development and conditioning the mind, body and soul. Wing Chun utilises forms to learn graceful, but potentially lethal movements of the arms and legs, and is also a great way to unwind, channel energy and de-stress from work.

Wing Chun in Bangkok

There are very few reputable places to do Wing Chun in Thailand, let alone Bangkok. When I first arrived I searched for some time with little luck. Eventually my extensive search led me to meet Sifu Panor and I joined as his student.

The club has gone through many changes, with students coming and going over the years, and the club relocating twice. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the friendly atmosphere and fun learning created by Sifu Panor.

The Location

To get there you currently need to go to Bang Na BTS station, then either jump on a motorbike taxi or walk the easy 150 meters to the club.

wing chun bangkok

About Sifu Panor

Master Panor is a friendly, down to earth guy who speaks English, German and Thai. He has studied Wing Chun for over 17 years and also knows various other martial art techniques. Unlike many other Wing Chun teachers, Master Panor has competition experience, having fought in many semi- and full contact mixed martial art bouts in his teens and early twenties. He is also proficient in Muay Thai.

His free flowing teaching style allows you to ask all your “what if’s”, request demonstrations at any time, and learn specific things that you feel are important for you. For example, presently we have two ladies in the class who often request to learn practical self-defence techniques to use in the event of being attacked in the street.

The Cost of Wing Chun In Bangkok

I have been learning with Sifu Panor for over three years now, and although I had prior Wing Chun experience in the UK, I have learnt so much in a relatively short space of time. I believe this is due to his personalised teaching approach and a smaller class that adopts a Thai family-style culture.

No matter what level of Wing Chun you are, you are welcome at the Thailand Wing Chun Club in Bangkok. And if you are thinking of taking up a hobby, then why not try Wing Chun. Sifu Panor offers a free introductory lesson to all newcomers, and the monthly price for three sessions a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) is a mere 3,00 baht, all of which, by the way, regularly run over the allotted time. Put it this way, you will always get a lot more than you pay for at this club.

In true Thai style the class has a warm family vibe and everyone is welcome. We are all there to help each, have fun, get fit, and of course, learn Wing Chun!

If you need any further information feel free to contact me.

Thailand Wing Chun Club Details:

Address: 3290 Soi Bang Na nai, Bang Na, Bangkok 1260

Phone Number: +66 85 4600 330.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Thailand Wing Chun

Website: (coming soon)


  1. TheThailandLife says

    For those following this post, and any newcomers, the class is now open again with Sifu Panor. I’ve updated the post with all the correct details. Private lessons are available too. There’s a new Facebook page too (see the contact details at the end of the post). The class is pretty small at the moment but will be expanding quickly, so it’s a great time to join for a dedicated learning experience. Peace.

  2. seth says

    Anyone wishing to learn Ip Man Wing Chun in the
    Chonburi area.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me via facebook.
    Wing Chun Thailand

  3. Jason says

    Hi guys, anyone knows of a good Wing China instructor close to Chang Mai.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. says

    Hello. I spoke to him on Facebook, but it is not responding. if you are in Bangkok, maybe you try to call him on the phone?

  5. zee says

    hi mr m.siege i tried to search in the fb but it i cant find.any m.siege there. so intersted on this martial.arts.

  6. Kristian says

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Stan, this post refers to the old wing chun club. The new club is a short walk from Bearing BTS station. I have been down there a few times but haven’t gotten around to taking pictures and getting all the details to post here. I am meeting the owner on Friday so I’ll get the details and update this post soon. Is it really 8,000 a month now? Wow, that’s pretty pricey, although the club is epic!

  7. TheThailandLife says

    The BTS and MRT links are very good for getting around town, bettert han the UK, that’s for sure.

    Khao San road is actually pretty out the way, in terms of where most stuff is happening in BKK.

    Here’s some directions from Yahoo! Just do them in reverse to get to the center of town. Bearing is accessible from any BTS station. It’s near th end of the line but only takes 15 minutes or so from Asok (center of town).

    Getting to Khao San Rd..

    Take the BTS sky train to Saphan Taksin station. Walk out of the station and go towards the river where you’ll see Sathorn Pier. Boats arrive at the pier every couple of minutes. Take a boat heading north (to your right hand side) to Phra Arthit Pier. (Just make sure you don’t get on a boat with a yellow flag, as they are the only boats that don’t stop at Phra Arthit Pier.) Once at the pier, walk out onto the street and anyone here will be able to give you quick directions to Khao San Road. It’s a two-minute walk.

    Always take the boat to Khao San Road during rush hour, as it’s the only mode of transportation guaranteed to not have traffic jams.

    How to Get to Khao San Road by BTS Sky Train – You can’t go all the way to Khao San Road via BTS sky train as the closest station, National Stadium, is still a few miles away. But, you can take the sky train to National Stadium and then jump in a taxi from here. Just make sure you get into a taxi on the same side of the street as MBK (Mahboonkrong Mall), as that’s the direction the taxi will be driving in.

    If you are planning on travelling over to Bearing a fair few times it would be worth staying nearer the center of town. Khao San is a nightmare to get to anytime there is traffic.

    Hope this helps.

  8. alex says

    Ok cool. Well I’ve managed to make contact so thanks for that. I’m arriving in Bangkok tomorrow for first time! Are the rail links pretty good for getting around? From what I understand he’s based near bearing, and I’ll probably end up staying somewhere near khao san road.

  9. alex says

    Hi Peter

    Do you have an email address for sifu panor? I don’t use facebook. I do a bit of wing chun in England and am keen on learning more about the knife form. I am in bangkok for a bit so would like to arrange a few sessions.



  10. Raphael says

    I would like to know if there exist camps of wing chun in Bangkok for a for an intensive drive
    Please let me know

  11. Seth says

    Dear All
    I’ve been training in Yip Man Style Wing Chun over 12yrs at Sheffiield Wing Chun Club
    Now living near Pattaya. I am calling out to all you Wing Chun practoners and those wanting to learn this martial art.
    I am wanting to start a Wing Chun Club in Pattaya
    Please call me and dont be shy
    Seth 0834581853

  12. Shark Muller says

    Hi there,

    I am thai and thirteen years old and I have been interested in learning wing Chun, as I lived in China for most of my life, and after watching the films I decided to find lessons but I had to move to another country for my fathers job. I came across this website and was very interested about learning from Sifu Panor. I am very interested in trying to learn wing chun and this place i think is ideal for me. However, is he willing to teach people my age? I know Muay Thai and some judo.

  13. Seth says

    I have just moved to pattaya and am an avid Wing Chun practioner. I would like to train with anyone who is interested in this facinating martial art.
    I would be greatful for any feed back

  14. Kris Mckenzie says

    Thank you.
    I’m just trying to spread the art that was kindly passed down to me by my Sifu to as many people as possible.
    I realize that most people who post here are in Bangkok and Hat Yai is a long way to travel, but if some of them could get together to form a training group I could be persuaded to fly up on weekends to teach. I know how frustrating it can be to find good, authentic Chinese martial arts instruction. There are a lot of pretenders out there, so I would advise people to check the authenticity of the lineage and background of any potential teacher.

  15. Kris Mckenzie says

    I’ve recently started teaching a public Wing Chun class in Hat Yai, Songkhla after teaching privately for a while.
    It’s not Yip man lineage though, it’s an older lineage from the Cho family in mainland China. However, my Sifu, master Ku Choi Wah inherited three different wing chun lineages and one of them is from leung Jan.
    here’s a link to some websites for more information-
    Singapore branch- has history of lineage and training syllabus of our system. Also photos and videos.

    Seremban, Malaysia- detailed lineage charts,photos,etc. (click on the “news” and “more” tabs.

    My new blog and facebook- some articles I wrote and photos (haven’t had time to update with new material but plan to do so)
    If anyone is interested they can can contact me through facebook or my blog.
    Kris Mckenzie

    • TheThailandLife says

      Thanks for that information Kris. We get a lot of people passing thru this page looking for Wing Chun info in Thailand. I wish you all the best with your class.

  16. andreas says

    I would like to come to visit you.
    Where exactly is the place of training?
    Best regards

    TheThailandLife: Hey,The training is on Saturdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on how many people are available. Private lessons are also pretty cheap. Visit the Facebook page link i put in the post for details, or call Panor directly on 0854600330hope to see you there !

    andreas: Hallo!I am interesting in learning wing chun.Is there any school in pattaya or in the surroundings?Thank youandreas

  17. andreas says

    TheThailandLife: Hey,The training is on Saturdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on how many people are available. Private lessons are also pretty cheap. Visit the Facebook page link i put in the post for details, or call Panor directly on 0854600330hope to see you there !

    I am interesting in learning wing chun.
    Is there any school in pattaya or in the surroundings?
    Thank you

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Andreas,

      I don’t know of any school in Pattaya, sorry. Maybe someone will drop some contact details here in the future if they know of one. Google is my only suggestion. Thanks

  18. matthew says

  19. Sifu Pano says

  20. Sifu Rafael says

    I do offer myself as a full qualify Wing Chun Teacher around Bangkok area. .
    Over 13 years of Wing Chun experience. Wong Shun Leung System and Xuan System.
    We can arrange trainning hours. Possible to train near Victory Monument BTS or Jatutjak park- Mot Chit Bts.
    Certificates can be issued after a trainning period.
    Best of wishes to all
    For futher info please contact: [email protected]

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Sifu Rafael. Thank you for getting in contact, that is really useful to know because many people are looking for Wing Chun in BKK. I am in the UK right now but will be back in the New Year so will contact you then. Thanks

  21. Michael Albrecht says

    Hi there,

    thank you very much for your information you giving on this site.Besides the fact that you are probably in the U.K. by now ,maybe you can answer me one question.Thai man go into monkhood useually for a limited period of time,so is there a chance that in the year 2012 he will teach again in bkk?I am coming back to Thailand in January,so I will contact the teachers mobile number .I hope it will work.
    Thanks again and wish you all the best!

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Michael, he is actually back in Bangkok and teaching privately. If you see the comment above there is a phone number you can try. There is also the Facebook page where you can send a message. I hope this helps, thanks.

      • Michael Albrecht says

        Hi there,

        thanks for your reply.Yes that will help me,I will contact him privately.
        By the way, your are very nice guy doing all this,good vibes!

        Again wish you all the best!

        So long,


  22. says

    Shame it is closed. I did Muay Thai in Bangkok for a while but am not doing anything at the moment. Wouldn’t mind doing something like this for a change. Do you know anything about Krav Maga in Bangkok?

    • TheThailandLife says

      I don’t, sorry. I know of a Brazilian Jujitsu class in central suk though, I met one of the instructors and I might go down there in the new year. Thanks for the heads up on that link…fixed now!

  23. Gene says

    Just arrived from USA to visit son. Have trained for many years Moy Yat Ving Tsun and wanted to visit the school. But looks like it is now closed very disappointed

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Gene. Yes, it is disappointing, although if you want to get a private lesson with the Sifu I can give you a number to call. Apparently he is back teaching privately in Bangkok at the moment. Let me know. thanks.

      • Demian says

        Hi there, thanks for the incredible blog. I was taking classes with Sifu Panor but can’t seem to find him any longer. Do you have a way to contact him? I appreciate it.

        • TheThailandLife says

          Hi Demian, have you tried this number 0854600330? If not maybe this one: 0863082182. Let me know how you get on. Thanks for visiting :)

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Simon. Sadly the class has now closed. Sifu Panor, the owner, has gone into Monkhood. Please see the other comments in this post for details of another class in BKK. Thank you.

        • TheThailandLife says

          Unfortunately I have stopped training. I am going back to the UK for Xmas but hope to find somewhere new when I return. I will update the blog when I do. If you find anywhere please pop back and share the details.

  24. says

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I wish to train Wing chun kung fu in your academy/school I have been passed the Matic from Rawalpindi board of Pakistan. Now I seek admission to your Wing chun kung fu in your academy/school am so much interested in Wing chun kung fu.I understand there will be plenty of time with me until starts my Wing chun kung fu. I would like to be advised by you as to making use of this for preparation fro admission to your classes.
    I shall like to get your advice as well as your prospectus and forms for admission. My contact address is following:

    Name Bilal
    Father Name Ghaffar Ali
    Date of Birth 21-04-1992
    NIC# 61101-9800545-3
    Nationality Pakistan
    Religion Islam
    E-mail [email protected]
    Telephone# +92-345-5180248/0323-5446869/03235221241
    Address#1 house# 5 street# 1 Ghori town korral chowk Tel & distt.Islamabad Pakistan
    Address# 2 United Bank LTD Commercial centers Rawalpindi Pakistan

    Hoping to get a reply soon.

    You’re faithfully
    Bilal Ghaffar

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Bilal. I am not the owner of the class. Please call Sifu Panor on 0854600330 or 0863082182. Thank you

  25. Chris says

    Hi I would like to join the class, but I have no experience in martial art! Is that ok? Could you please send me the class schedule (time) and also telle how much would cost the private session! Thanks

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Chris, please call Sifu Panor for all details on 0854600330. Classes are Thursday and Saturday and no you don’t need any experience, all levels are welcome. You will have to ask Panor about private lessons because i only go to the class. Thanks!

  26. Jason says

    Could you please email me he training times Mon- Friday? I live in Northern Bangkok but I want to start training in WC. I was training in Muay Thai but my work schedule makes it only possible to train at my MT academy on the holidays. I would need to train later in the evening (7:00 pm – up). Thanks.


  27. Giri says

    thanks a lot for that.

    yeah, it would be nice if you could give me his number. I think me and my friend might come to have a free trial to check it out. Just wondering what time we should come approximately.

    thanks a lot again, i really appreciate it.

  28. Giri says


    i have for the past few months seriously considered taking Wing Chun. I use to do Karate but i found the art to be too formalized or commercialized, if you know what i mean, as if it were just for the tournaments. I was really influenced by the Ip Man films and as i read through Wing Chun, all said it was for health benefits and all other social and other benefits that it brings. But i was just wondering if this training place is the same way, or is it also for competition.

    Thanks a lot for this.

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Giri.

      This class is not geared towards any competition. It is currently a fairly small class that is very friendly and welcoming of all levels. We all train together and help each other get better. The thing about wing chun is that competitions are difficult to implement because the moves are designed to finish attackers quickly and efficiently, rather than to score points or leave the opponent capable of carrying on. I think there are semi contact wing chun competitions in some countries, and i know that chi sau competitions have also become popular in China, chi sau being a type of wing chun sparring using technical hand movements, speed and touch (feeling). We do spa in class sometimes, but it is controlled.

      You are more than welcome to come along for a free trial session. Let me know if you want to come this saturday and i will pass you my sifu’s number.


  29. christoph says

    hey there,
    in search of wing chun training in bkk i came across your block. is it possible to join the training, how often and when do you train and who would i need to contact ?
    thanks in advance

    • TheThailandLife says


      The training is on Saturdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on how many people are available. Private lessons are also pretty cheap. Visit the Facebook page link i put in the post for details, or call Panor directly on 0854600330

      hope to see you there !

  30. Adam says

    hello I am a canadian looking to study wing chun in asia for the full experience. I am looking a t a budget for such a trip , and wondering what a basic cost of living would be there. Any help would be greatly apreciated

    • TheThailandLife says

      Hi Adam, welcome to thethailandlife, thanks for dropping by.

      As you probably know already, the most popular place to study Wing Chun in Asia is in China. There are several schools I have come across in Google that offer the full experience including accommodation and daily training on site. Thailand isn’t known for Wing Chun, as its main attraction for westerners is Muay Thai. In fact there are only a handful of worthy Wing Chun teachers here. If you are wanting to stay in Thailand or make it part of your trip, then you have two good options in separate parts of the country. Firstly there is my Sifu, Panor, based in Bangkok; he is available for private lessons and intense one to one training, and also runs a class three times a week. Other than that you have a guy in Hua Hin who teaches Wing Tsun, a slightly different linage of Wing Chun, but effectively the same thing. I don’t have much information on him but have heard great things – you can google “wing chun hua hin” and get the full low down, I know he definitely offers training package holidays. However, if you are looking for a teacher in Bangkok that offers flexibility, which allows you to travel intermittently, and a teacher who is very reasonably priced, I highly recommend my sifu. If you would like his contact details please let me know and I will put you in touch.

      In terms of budget for a stay in Thailand, you could get by nicely on $1,600 (U.S.) a month, perhaps 1,300. If you don’t drink a lot of alcohol, eat local foods and stay in modest accommodation you will save more. In more rural areas $1000 should cover you nicely. Socialising, eating at western style restaurants and travelling are your biggest costs.

      • Marco says

        If some one interestet at thailand to learn,please contact me at.facebook : m.siege but will train only 4 people which i will choose and learn all system for free.


    • marc says

      Hi i see alot people looking for lear wing chun, i stay at samut prakan at thailand (German)if some person realy want to learn you can contact me.At my phone 089 – 6655243 welcome.

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