Thai Movie Series Hormones – With English Subtitles

Contrary to Western-centric stereotyping, day-to-day life in Thailand is still largely conservative. Television programming is centered around game shows and predictable soap operas (Thai Lakorn), and sex education premised on abstinence over birth control.

hormones series 1

For these reasons, much like the Skins series did in the UK, Hormones has ruffled some feathers in Thailand, with fans appreciating its honesty and critics lambasting its “reckless” scenes of youths smoking and kissing.

Some officials have even called for an outright ban, but Hormones director, Songyos Sugmakanan, says the series plays an integral part in Thailand’s culture, because the issues it highlights – teenage sex, drugs and general hormonal confusion – are not usually discussed at home or in school.

“Thai society has been closed for a long time. In my day adults chose not to teach us about sex in the classroom because they feared it would lead to us having sex, when actually it just forced kids to go out and learn on their own.”

Though Thai officials constantly call for senseless bans on anything that might taint the Thai image as anything less than perfect, and few would be ready to talk about the fact that Thailand has the second-highest number of teen pregnancies in the world, spiralling rates of STD infection among its youth and the highest rate of HIV/Aids in Asia.

Sex education in schools is mandatory, but teaching the subject is limited to eight hours a year, with a focus on abstinence rather than practicing safe sex.

Hormones is so much more than a Thai soap opera, and is educating not just Thai society on the reality of youth and bad parenting, but also the rest of the world on a part of Thailand foreigners seldom get to witness – an insight into the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in Thailand, and how modern living clashes with conservative values.

The first episode can be watched below, with English subtitles.

**A huge thanks to YouTube user Sai Fon for taking on the massive task of subtitling so that the English-speaking world can enjoy this series.


  1. Chris says

    I was on episode 5 of season 1 and the youtube videos were taken down :( does anyone know where I can watch it now??

    • TheThailandLife says

      Check that Facebook link above. You can download seasons 1 and 2 from their page once they accept your request.

  2. Krissy says

    Hi! This is my first time watching Hormones and I swear I’m loving it. Thank you so much for the site sharing, it helped me! 😀

  3. rademcy says

    after seeing the episode 1 of the first series and i was like this is a series that trully deserves an applause for its theme… it portrays the fact happenings and the real society we have today. To everyone could you please suggest or give some link to a website where i can watch the complete episodes of the first season. please.. Please… Please…youtube sucks so much

  4. rademcy says

    after seeing the episode 1 of the first series i was like “this is a series that trully deserves an applause for its theme… it portrays the fact happenings and the real society we are in

  5. David says

    im watching season 1 now even w/o english subtitles. too bad. i wanna know what they are talking about! Why does the Production refuse to upload it on youtube? There are people out of thailand who want to watch it, and they are not paying for these translations!!!1

    • TheThailandLife says

      Copyright issues. They want people to buy the DVD, which i think has a subtitles version now.

  6. bryan gomez says

    Thanks to Sai Fon for having the Hormones Series with English Subtiles. I hope the next Season of Hormones Season 3 the Next Gen will have subtitles too by the producer or the Channel itself

  7. brama says

    Hi! thank you very much, finally i can watch this series with english sub after search for it for a very long time.
    but why the 5th episode is unavailable? can you upload it again? i can’t watch the next episode if i miss one of them :( thanks!

    • zee says

      I was right then 😀 The site owner had purchased her own domain name and transferred everything into it 😀 So happy!

      Thanks a lot 😀

      • Lucas says

        In fact, I discovered few minutes after my comment, that EP4 was already subbed. I didn’t want to spam this blog with too much my comments 😉

        Here :)

        • zee says

          Sadly, is no longer operational ;(
          Hmmm, wondering what happened to the site owner. Maybe she was sued for copyright infringement or something. Or, she have transferred her files to a new website with a brand new name. Please keep us posted.


          • TheThailandLife says

            The makers of Series 2 seem desperate to keep this from being translated and put online. Understandably so, after all it is copyright infringement. But, the problem is, unless your Thai is good enough to follow along on TV, and you live in Thailand, there is no way for English speakers to get their fix :(… I guess we will have to wait for the DVD version.

  8. Lucas says

    Hi !

    I searched on Youtube many times but… all accounts that have uploaded this season 2 were closed. :(
    Few days ago, each time a video was deleted, an other was uploaded.
    It doesn’t seem the case now. People no longer upload it there.

    I had time to download EP 1 to EP 3 in a medium quality.
    I’ll probably upload it on Dropbox and share the link. Is it ok for you ? :)
    I hope I can help other fans of this wonderful serie ! 😉

    But sorry, I live in France and internet connections are very bad there. It will take some time. Please wait maybe one or two days ! :)

  9. Delmar says


    Where to find season 2 episode 4? All of the video in youtube has been deleted… please help :(

    Thanks in andvance

  10. Lucas says

    Oops sorry for the wrong link.
    It worked on my smartphone so i didn’t checked my PC :)

    I was too happy at that time lol !

    Now i don’t think it’s an official account, isn’t it ?
    I hope it won’t be deleted !

  11. Lucas says

    Episode 3 was streamed on YouTube by GTH official account ! First way to YouTube ?

    … but still no signs of eng sub….

  12. Por-kun says

    Actually , I wanna make English Subs but they don’t agree for uploading it to Youtube. So , I don’t know the way to distribute it.

    • Lucas says

      Who doesn’t agree ? Youtube ?

      Maybe you can upload on other websites like Dailymotion or Nico Video ?

      A Dropbox file must be ok too.

      • Por-kun says

        GTH , who created this drama , don’t agree to upload the season2 on Youtube. previously i think someone uploaded (Non-English sub) and already was deleted.

  13. Lucas says

    I’m french and also love Hormones !
    I’m currently viewing season 1, it’s so good ! I have not finished it yet but i’m already thinking viewing season 2.

    I heard that season 2 was broadcasting now in Thailand. Do you think we’ll have to wait long time to watch first episode with english subs ?
    How long according to you ? 1 week ? 1 month ? 3 months ?

    Thank you ! :)

    • TheThailandLife says

      I’m hoping to find a sub-titled version within a week or so. Keep checking back for updates.

      I can’t wait too! I loved season 1.


  14. ItsMeOw says

    I’ve wanted to watch hormones for a realy long time but i have’nt found it with eng sub so im realy happy now ! im trying to learn thai as well :) Thank you ! If you have some tip on a site with more hormones videos with eng sub that I could watch online, I would realy appriciate it 😀

  15. LA-Trader says

    TLL, Thanks so much for this post! I’ve just started to watch the episodes and they are really good. Also, the acting is not bad at all! . . . in addition to the pure entertainment value of the series, the English subtitles on the videos really help with using the videos as an aid for studying thai. It is not easy, but over time watching these videos with concurrent thai language study will really help train your ear for picking up / recognizing / understanding thai language.

    • TheThailandLife says

      No problem. You’re right. I discovered a fair few new phrases and expressions. I wish I’d had a pen and paper from the start and made notes. I think it’s really interesting too, particularly the dynamics of middle-class family life in BKK; the director has done a great job. I am just adding EP 13, which is the last in this first series.


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