Exploring Klong Thom Market – Bangkok

I can’t believe I’ve been in Bangkok so long and have never been to Klong Thom market. I didn’t know it existed, and had it not been for embarking on an epic search with my brother in China Town for a vinyl record store named Broadway Records , I might never have stumbled across it.

It would seem I am not the only one in the dark either; I didn’t spot one foreigner in the packed out market, which seemed to go on forever with just about everything you can imagine on sale. If it’s retro gaming consoles and antiques you’re after then Klong Thom is the place to check out.

klong thom market


In fact, once China Town has shut up shop for the day, many second hand goods traders line the pavement of the square mile, although Klong Thom has a large concentration of these stalls with what seems like better stuff.

My brother picked up a retro handheld game for 500 Baht that sells for at least quadruple on eBay. There was a classic Donkey Kong handheld game I had my eye on but unfortunately the screen was damaged at the top.

My brother also got his hands on some vinyl, eventually, walking away with some bargain picture sleeves at 100 Baht each. Make sure you check for scratches before you buy. If you are looking to buy old gear, do what I did and take your smartphone/tablet. This will enable you to check resale prices on the hop.

The market also appears to be the place for Thai men to buy Japanese, Chinese and Korean porn videos; it was pretty funny watching the bees swarm the nest – but don’t let that put you off. These stalls are few when compared with the amount of clothes, household goods, tools, electronics and other stalls lining the tightly packed streets.  From 50 Baht sunglasses to mosquito nets and stationary, it is all here, and best of all at Thai Prices !

While I’ve found some threads about Klong Thom market on the web, it would seem most foreigners/tourists are yet to discover this gem of a place. It opens weekends,  Saturday from 5pm until 5pm Sunday. It’s near China Town so the nearest MRT station is Hua Lampong, although it’s a fair walk from the station so you might be better saving your legs for trawling the market by catching a bike or cab.

To avoid the crowds go early Sunday morning from 8:00 until 11:00. Wear comfortable clothes and sensible shoes as it gets pretty crowded and hot. Take a bottle of water, too.

Location: Corner of Worachak Road and Chao Kamrop Road.


  1. ritesh says

    Nice & helpfull review. Tomorrow im gona visit. My local friend never been there, who is born in bangkok. Lets do reserch on this market too.

    • TheThailandLife says

      I haven’t been down there for a while, Ritesh. It would be cool if you can report back on what you think. Have a great day out!

    • TheThailandLife says

      I did Mike, but it was closed, damn it. I hope to get down to Klong Thom soon, check it out and report back.

  2. says

    555 😉

    I happened to come across Klong Thom Market when I once walked to Hua Lamphong. Didn’t know it existed either, never read anything about it in any LP or other guides. Like you said, kinda funny how many men swarm around those porn movies. First I went there alone and some guys came to me and said ‘come come, see see’ and then tried to sell some of those movies to me. All very friendly though. Later on I asked my Thai friend about that place and she said she didn’t know that place as well. So finally the farang knows more about the city of angels than some locals. yeah 😉

    Oh and yeah, crazy how crowded it gets in the afternoon!

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